LIACS MSc Education Committee

The main goal of the LIACS Masters Education Committee is to assess and provide oversight for the course evaluations from the students.  Specifically, we discuss the student evaluations of the courses and decide on comments to be given to the program directors and teachers as well as followup plans. The committee also provides advice and input into critical documents such as the OER.   In addition, we provide feedback from the students on various aspects at LIACS related to the teaching environment such as facilities, computer rooms, curriculums, etc.

The committee members are:
  • Michael Lew, staff, chair, Master Computer Science (CS)
  • Edwin van der Heide, staff, Master Media Technology (MT)
  • Jian Wang, staff, Master ICT in Business and Public Sector (ICTiB&PS)
  • Erwin Bakker, staff, adviser
  • Jan van Staalduinen, student, Master Computer Science (CS)
  • Mees Gelein, student, Master Media Technology (MT)
  • Bianca Blom, student, Master ICT in Business and Public Sector (ICTiB&PS)
  • Joost Barendse, student, adviser

Secretary: Jose Visser,

Note that the staff members are appointed by the Faculty of Science and the student members are representatives for their program and confirmed by the Faculty of Science. 

EC Meetings

2016-12-09 - Masters Computer Science course/curriculum evaluations, Spring 2016
2017-02-08 - OER, Masters ICT in Business course/curriculum evaluations, Spring 2016
2017-03-21 - Masters Media Technology course/curriculum evaluations, Fall 2016
2017-04-13 - Masters Computer Science course/curriculum evaluations, Fall 2016
2017-05-18 - Masters Computer Science oral evaluations and new EC laws, Fall 2016
2017-11-30 - Ramifications of new law on higher education
2018-01-23 - Discussion on Annual Program Reports
2018-02-15 - Discussion on Faculty of Science and LIACS OER
2018-03-01 - Discussion on MediaTechnology Courses and Program
2018-04-05 - Discussion on Computer Science Courses and Program
2018-05-03 - Discussion on ICT in Business Courses and Program
2018-07-18 - Discussion on ICT in Business Courses and Program continued
2018-10-31 - Discussion on Media Technology and Computer Science and ICTiB&PS and Assessment of University Education Quality
2018-12-05 - Discussion on Computer Science Courses
2019-02-22 - Discussion on OER, Program Reports, Self Evaluations for Visitatie
2019-03-22 - Discussion on Evaluation Procedures and Schedules for CS, MT and ICTiB&PS
2019-04-12 - Discussion on MT Evaluations
2019-05-24 - Discussion on CS Evaluations
2019-06-21 - Discussion on ICTiB&PS Evaluations

If you would like to submit positive/negative comments on a course or want more information on the status of courses and evaluations, you can contact one of the representatives for your degree program (see above). They generally have all of the current information and are closely involved with the decisions.

Or contact the chair, Michael Lew at m.s.k.lew (at)