Media Research Group Downloads

This page contains links to downloads from
the LIACS Media Research Group

Dr. Michael S. Lew
Dr. Erwin M. Bakker
Dr. Mark Huiskes
Wei Chen
Theodoris Georgiou
Yanming Guo
Yu Liu
Ard Oerlemans
Nan Pu
Erwin van Soest
Bart Thomee
Song Wu

the largest fully annotated content based retrieval test set worldwide
MIR-FLICKR homepage

LIACS Image Classification Demo
deep learning for automatic image classification and annotation
Live demo

Visual Concept Detection MDC Toolkit
a skeleton program for MDC visual concept detection including source code

Color Histogram Software for Visual Information Retrieval
source code for computing color histograms

Visual Information Retrieval Using Synthetic Imagery
software for retrieving imagery using synthesized examples (comes with texture database)

RetrievalLab - A programming tool for content based retrieval
a Matlab-like tool for exploring and testing content based retrieval algorithms
RetrievalLab homepage

RIFF:  Retina-inspired Invariant Fast Feature Descriptor (MM2014)
a new salient point detector optimized for affine transformations
RIFF homepage

Salient Features Evaluation
salient feature evaluation source code
Salient feature evaluation homepage

Topsurf: a Visual Words Toolkit
complete open source toolkit for analysis and retrieval using visual words
Topsurf homepage

Student Research
At LIACS, we have many exciting student research projects covering diverse areas from ratings prediction/sentiment analysis, link, to deep learning for face analysis, link.  Feel free to ask us about multimedia and computer vision based research project possibilities.