Future Directions in Digital Humanities Workshop

Lorentz Center (Snellius Building, Niels Bohrweg 1), Leiden University
March 30th, 2017

Workshop Chairs: Marjan Groot (VU), Michael Lew (Leiden University)


This program assumes a 25 minute slot for each presenter which is roughly up to 20 minutes max for the talk and 5 minutes for questions.


13:30-13:40 - Opening by organizers


Session: Academic/University Perspectives

13:40-14:05 - Critical Thinking, Creativity, Core Values

                                Marjan Groot, VU

14:05-14:30 - Deep Learning and Digital Humanities

                                Michael Lew, Leiden University

14:30-14:55 - Participatory Online Media and its influence on the digital society

                                Christian Grimme , Uni-Muenster

14:55-15:20 - It Takes Two To Tango

                                Ronald Poppe, Utrecht University


15:20-15:50 - Coffee/discussion break, informal


Session: Practitioner/Industry/Mediation Perspectives

15:50-16:15 - Digital Humanities: Computer Vision Applied

                                Thomas de Wolf, Studio diip

16:15-16:40 - ‘Storylines’: Enhancing the intrinsic motivation of high school students

                                Naomi Verbeek, Peace Palace, The Hague

16:40-17:05 - DH and scholarly publishing - two questions

                                Ernest Suyver, Brill


17:05-18:00 - Coffee/discussion/brainstorm/interactions

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